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Calif. Incarcerated Citizens Orders
How can I order a chain and religious medallion for someone in a California correctional facility?
On the website menu click "Collections" > "Incarcerated Citizens" > select the correct California bundle.
Calif. Incarcerated Citizens Orders
How can I view approved chains and medallions allowed inside the California correctional facilities?
On the menu click "Collections" > "Incarcerated Citizens" > select the correct California bundle. A link to view approved items is provided.
General Incarcerated Citizens Orders
How do I upload an approval form required for an order?
Go to the cart, scroll to the bottom, then follow steps under Upload Approval Forms.
General Incarcerated Citizens Orders
Do you process Trust Withdrawal requests from incarcerated citizen's?
No, Jewelry and Gift Depot LLC does NOT process trust withdrawal requests. Please follow the procedures of the facility to make a payment.
General Incarcerated Citizens Orders
Does the incarcerated citizen need an approval form to receive the chain and religious medallion bundle?
Chaplain approval form policies are different for each correctional facility. Please contact the Chaplain of the facility to verify requirements.
General Incarcerated Citizens Orders
Are watches allowed inside correctional facilities?
Watch policies are different for each correctional facility. Please verify with Property of the facility if watches are allowed for incarcerated citizens.
General Questions
Is this website only for incarcerated citizen's?
No, everyone can order from Jewelry and Gift Depot! We proudly offer our jewelry to anyone who would like a symbol of their faith.
Can I send a check/money order to pay for an online or mail order?
Yes, we accepts checks, cashier checks and money orders only. NO CASH. To pay for with a check/money order select Offline Payment during checkout.
Do I need to create a PayPal account to pay for an order?
No, you do not need a PayPal account. There is an option to checkout as guest.
What if I return an order for a refund, is there a restocking fee?
If an order is returned and a refund is requested, a $6.00 restocking fee will be assessed.
What if an incarcerated citizen's order arrived damaged or incorrect?
If an incarcerated citizen's jewelry arrives damaged or incorrect, show items to Property immediately to confirm eligibility for exchange or refund.
What if an incarcerated citizens order was returned to the company?
If the order is returned, there is a $6.00 resend fee. Please verify with the Chaplain or Property if an approval form is required.
What is the cost of shipping?
Shipping fees are included in the price at checkout. Extra shipping options are not available currently.
How long does it take to process an order?
Paid orders are processed within 14 business days. Then the order is mailed and shipping takes 7-10 business days.
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