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  1. To place an order for an Incarcerated Citizen (Prison Orders) use the Bundle for the discount. To access the bundle try 1 of the methods below:

  2. Then select the correct Bundle by reading the 4 options available on the screen.

    • If ordering for a customer in a California facility please only select one of the California Bundle options. All items on our website are NOT allowed inside the California facilities. Please view approved items from the link on the Bundle page.​

  3. On the Bundle you selected READ all the information on the page.

    • If you are viewing the Bundle from your cellphone the information is at the bottom of the screen.

    • If you are viewing the Bundle from your computer the information is on the bottom left of the screen.

  4. Please see instructions below to fill in the Bundle chain and medallion bundle information.

    1. Browse our website to see pictures of all chains and medallions.

    2. Enter the chain information.

    3. Next, you will have the ability to select 2 options for a medallion. In the case 1 of your medallion selections are out of stock.

      • No the customer will not receive 2 medallions​

    4. To enter the 2 medallion selections please separate with commas and it's required to include the Product Code/SKU and Color. See example below.

      • Example: C134-S, C3-2T

    5. Lastly, enter the incarcerated citizens identification number with their first and last name.

  5. During checkout enter the incarcerated citizens shipping address (correctional facility address).

  6. To pay for the order there are 2 available options:

    1. PayPal

      • You will be directed to PayPal to pay for the order.​

      • No you do not need a PayPal account, select "checkout as guest" instead of logging in.

    2. Offline Payment

      • ​Please mail check or money order to the Jewelry & Gift Depot address found on the Contact Us page. Please include the order number and the Incarcerated Citizens ID Number on the check/money order.

      • Orders are processed within 14 days of receiving payment.

      • We do not accept cash.

  7. If you need help with placing the order please contact us by viewing the About Us tab on the website menu.


If the order being sent to an incarcerated citizen requires Chaplain or Property approval form follow below steps to upload the form to our website.

  1. Click the shopping bag icon to open your cart in checkout

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the cart page and follow the steps in the section labeled "Upload Approval Forms"​

  3. Follow the steps on the form and fill in the required information

    1. Upload Type- choose if the file is a Picture or Word/PDF ​

    2. Select the Upload Approval form button based on your Upload Type selection

    3. Enter the Incarcerated Citizens ID Number and Full Name

  4. Submit document

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